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March 24, 2024

Synapsy Write v2.4.0 Changelog

Posted on March 24, 2024  •  3 minutes  • 445 words
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A new version of Synapsy Write is now available and it is the version 2.4.0. This version adds several features such as the new editor mode or the new generations formats.

Manual Mode

Previously, the sole method for crafting content via Synapsy was by employing AI-driven text generation. Presently, we’ve introduced the option to craft documents without relying on generative AI. Furthermore, our roadmap includes integrating a Copilot-style AI experience into the editor. Currently, users have the flexibility to opt for Synapsy with or without AI assistance. It’s worth noting that our text editor is complimentary and doesn’t necessitate an account or subscription for access.

New formats

We have added several new format options to Synapsy Write, let’s check what’s new!

Cover letter

We’ve incorporated the capability to compose cover letters seamlessly within Synapsy Write, harnessing the power of AI. Simply furnish some details regarding the intent of the letter and your background, and Synapsy Write will craft an optimal cover letter tailored for you.


We’ve introduced a new feature in Synapsy Write, allowing it to function as a rephrasing tool. With this format, you can input the text you wish to rephrase directly into the provided field. Additionally, you can utilize the tone feature to personalize the manner in which your text is rephrased.

Generic essay

In versions prior to 2.4, essay generation in Synapsy was limited to literature or philosophy topics. With the latest update, you now have the flexibility to generate essays across any field or theme. The “generic” essay format encompasses the same options and features found in other essay generators. You can generate a plan, an introduction, the body of the essay, and the conclusion individually, or opt for the “Complex” option to generate all components in a single click.

Other additions

In addition to the new features, we’ve dedicated efforts to enhance the overall app experience. Now, you can expand the input area to a larger text field, facilitating the input of more context when utilizing generative AI. Furthermore, the selected format’s category is now visibly displayed next to it, providing better clarity. We’ve also addressed various issues and optimized the experience for mobile devices, ensuring smoother usage across all platforms.






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