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December 1, 2023

Stat report for Léo Corporation and Devyus in November 2023

Posted on December 1, 2023  •  4 minutes  • 662 words
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As the year draws to a close, we embark on a journey through the download statistics of Léo Corporation’s apps and Devyus’ Products for the month of November 2023.

Léo Corporation

This analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the evolving trends, user preferences, and the performance of various applications within Léo Corporation’s diverse software portfolio.

While the previous months have seen consistent growth and adaptations in download figures, November offers a fresh perspective on how these applications are resonating with users.

November App Performance Analysis

Gavilya - Sustained Momentum

Gavilya, with its steady climb throughout the year, continued its upward trajectory in November. Adding 149 downloads, the application showcased sustained momentum, securing its position as a reliable choice for users seeking its unique features.

InternetTest Pro 7 - Steadfast Growth

InternetTest Pro 7 maintained its status as a user favorite by adding 321 downloads in November. With a growth rate of 7.14%, it demonstrated steadfast growth and continued to meet user expectations.

Datalya - Navigating New Heights

Datalya, with 5 additional downloads, reached a total of 800 downloads in November. This marked a 0.63% growth, indicating that the application is navigating new heights and maintaining its appeal among users.

ColorPicker Max 5 - Rising Interest

ColorPicker Max 5 experienced a notable surge in November, adding 101 downloads. This increase, coupled with a growth rate of 29.53%, suggests rising interest and recognition of its unique features in the user community.

DayBar and PermaTop - Niche Appeal Continues

DayBar and PermaTop, each with additional downloads in November, continued to demonstrate niche appeal. DayBar’s 6.59% growth and PermaTop’s 10% growth indicate sustained interest in these specialized applications.

Overall Growth and Reflection

In November 2023, the cumulative downloads for Léo Corporation’s apps, excluding the excluded apps, reached a total of 12,717. This represents a 4.87% growth compared to October.

The overall growth trends underscore the dynamic nature of user preferences and the adaptability of Léo Corporation’s applications. As the year concludes, these insights will guide strategic decisions, ensuring that the company remains responsive to user needs and continues to offer innovative solutions.


Let’s turn our attention to the download statistics of Devyus’ Nuget packages for November. Devyus, a stalwart in the developer community, continues to provide indispensable tools that empower software developers worldwide. The analysis of the November download figures for three key Nuget packages—PeyrSharp, Synethia, and XValid—unveils the evolving trends and user engagement within the developer ecosystem.

Understanding the Data

The provided data includes download figures for each of these packages in October and November 2023. This data enables us to discern growth patterns and shifts in user interest.

November Package Performance Analysis

PeyrSharp - Continuing the Climb

PeyrSharp, a cornerstone in the Devyus arsenal, continued its upward climb in November. With an additional 2,164 downloads, PeyrSharp maintained a growth rate of 5.16%, indicating sustained interest and recognition among developers.

Synethia - A Steady Rise

Synethia, though not as heavily downloaded as some counterparts, displayed a steady rise in November. Adding 54 new downloads, Synethia’s growth rate stood at 5.47%, showcasing its resilience and appeal within the developer community.

XValid - A Marked Surge

XValid witnessed a marked surge in November, with an additional 37 downloads. This growth, representing a 16.02% increase, reflects a growing interest in XValid’s capabilities and its relevance to developers.


Devyus’ Nuget packages, PeyrSharp, Synethia, and XValid, continue to demonstrate positive growth trends, as highlighted by their performance in November 2023.

The data presented in this blog post reinforces the significance of Nuget packages in the developer community and emphasizes the continued value that Devyus brings to the software development landscape. As we approach the conclusion of 2023, these insights will undoubtedly guide Devyus in refining and expanding its Nuget packages, ensuring they remain indispensable tools for developers around the world. The journey through the evolution of downloads in November affirms the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the developer ecosystem and sets the stage for an exciting year ahead.

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