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March 1, 2024

Stat report for Léo Corporation and Devyus in February 2024

Posted on March 1, 2024  •  3 minutes  • 449 words
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Léo Corporation

February 2024 witnessed another month of steady growth for Léo Corporation’s suite of apps, with significant increases recorded across various offerings. Let’s dive into the details of this month’s download evolution.

App Performance Overview

Gavilya: Maintaining Momentum

Gavilya, Léo Corporation’s flagship app, continued its consistent performance, adding 144 downloads in February. While this represents a slight decrease in growth rate compared to the previous month, Gavilya remains a cornerstone of the corporation’s offerings.

InternetTest Pro 8: A Substantial Surge

InternetTest Pro 8 experienced a notable surge in February, with an increase of 308 downloads. This significant uptick underscores the growing demand for robust internet testing tools, positioning InternetTest Pro 8 as a preferred choice among users.

Datalya: Steady Growth Trajectory

Datalya maintained its upward trajectory, with an additional 15 downloads in February. While the growth rate decreased slightly compared to January, Datalya’s continued expansion reflects its importance in data management solutions.

ColorPicker Max 5: Surpassing Expectations

ColorPicker Max 5 exceeded expectations with a remarkable increase of 152 downloads in February. This substantial growth highlights the enduring appeal and utility of ColorPicker Max 5 among designers and developers alike.

DayBar and PermaTop: Consistent Performance

DayBar and PermaTop demonstrated consistent performance, with modest increases of 4 and 6 downloads, respectively. While these numbers may appear modest, they signify a steady user base and ongoing relevance of these applications.

Cumulative Impact

The cumulative downloads for Léo Corporation’s apps in February reached an impressive total of 10,731, marking a 6.23% increase from January 2024. This collective growth underscores the enduring popularity and relevance of Léo Corporation’s diverse range of applications.


Tracking the Growth: Devyus’ Nuget Packages in February 2024

February 2024 marked another month of growth and progress for Devyus’ Nuget Packages. Let’s delve into the details of the download evolution for PeyrSharp, Synethia, and XValid.

Nuget Package Performance Overview


PeyrSharp, Devyus’ flagship Nuget package, continued its upward trajectory with an additional 750 downloads in February. This steady growth reflects PeyrSharp’s enduring appeal and utility among developers seeking robust and efficient solutions.


Synethia maintained its momentum with a modest increase of 36 downloads in February. While the growth rate may seem incremental, it underscores Synethia’s consistent relevance and value proposition within the developer community.


XValid experienced a significant surge in February, with a remarkable increase of 81 downloads. This substantial growth highlights the growing recognition and adoption of XValid as a reliable validation tool among developers.

Cumulative Impact

The cumulative downloads for Devyus’ Nuget Packages in February reached a commendable total of 55,061, marking a steady 1.39% increase from January 2024. This collective growth reaffirms the enduring popularity and effectiveness of Devyus’ offerings in the Nuget ecosystem.

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